I hope you are all ready and excited to greet the new year! It’s crazy to think that it will be 2014 for 7 hours here before it reaches you.

Today was our second and final day in Prague. After sleeping like a log in a non-moving, extremely comfortable  bed, we began the day with a wonderful breakfast buffet here at the hotel, with homemade muffins and crossaints as well as fruits and eggs. The raisin bran was extremely disappointing though… After breakfast we hopped on the metro on our way to the Prague castle, which by the way was three miles away from the farthest metro stop. We were all extremely excited after that little jaunt (not), and it was a little too chilly for our liking. But we got to see the changing of the guard in front of the castle which was awesome, and there were some really cool statues, fountains, and architecture surrounding it. Inside, the castle looked more to me like a cathedral with amazing stained glass windows and statues. It was beautiful!

Next we took a walk (oh joy!) to a small overlook that provided us with an amazing view of the city. Another walk took us to a tower, and we climbed all the way up to the top for another amazing view of Prague. I have tons of beautiful pictures, some of which I hope I can get uploaded to this blog soon! After climbling back down that tower, we got to explore the Charles Bridge, which was very cool. There were vendors laid out on both sides of the bridge selling beautiful paintings and jewlery and artists doing caricatures. We hung out on the bridge and the surrounding area for as long as we could before the cold got to us. We sucessfully navigated our way back to the hotel, being masters of the metro system by now. We stopped at the grocery store next to the hotel to grab some snacks and lots and lots of water. For some reason, here in Europe you have to pay for water, and it is very difficult to come across. We found some huge cheap bottles of water at the grocery store and stocked up.

We spent some time in the hotel’s computer room for our daily wi-fi fix, while trying to put together a plan for tonight. Our hotel is putting on a huge fancy New Year’s Eve party (which is New York themed) tonight, with dancers, singers, a dinner, and their own ball, which will be dropped from the ceiling! Unfortunately, staying here does not get you an automatic ticket to this party and none of us can afford a ticket nor do we have the fancy clothes required for attendance. So that’s out. Lucklily, one of our friend’s rooms has a big picture window that overlooks the festivities so we were able to sit up there and watch without having to pay! The dancers were good but it was weird to hear them dancing to all of he songs that have been or are popular back home. Traditional music is something that I haven’t heard any of, except for at the big open markets where it is played by live bands. I’ve heard a ton of the music we listen to back home, both the traditional versions and versions sung by local singers.

When we got hungry we decided to bundle up and find somewhere that was open for dinner. We ended up finding **.  Then we headed out to find the river to watch the big fireworks show that they put on

Needless to say, we’ve done a ton of walking and are all starting to feel it. Tomorrow our train leaves at 9:00 am and we will reach Munich, Germany by 3:00. Talk to you soon!