After another horrible night of sleep and a less than exciting breakfast, we set out for the train station this morning. We boarded a train that took us to Salzburg, Austria. It only took about an hour and a half and we could see the beautiful Alps long before we reached our destination. After getting off the train it was a short walk to our first stop, the birth house of Motzart. It is now a museum that covers the life, death, and compositions of one of the only classical composers I know anything about. We got to see some of his early instruments, portraits of him and his family, and learn more about his life as a composer. I especially enjoyed seeing the diagrams depicting scenes from his operas.

After the museum we were set loose in The city’s “old town” for lunch. A group of us started at Starbucks (where some caramel hot chocolate helped make me feel like a person again), and ended up at a pizza place not far from the museum. I ordered a chicken and pineapple pizza and it was absolutely delicious! After lunch we met back up with the rest of the group to head up a nearby mountain peak to visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is over 900 years old. The ride up was the best part, a nearly vertical ride up in a small shuttle. It felt sort of like a short, slow, roller coaster. There was a ton of stuff within the huge fortress, including a museum of Salzburg, a marionette museum, cool architecture, and the most fantastic views I have seen so far. We spent some time walking around the fort, enjoying the view and experiencing the museums and other fun displays.

After descending the mountain (weeee!!!), a small group of us wandered around the old town, appreciating the beautiful architecture and admiring the trinkets for sale at the many vendors around. Several of us stocked up on souvenirs, and we stopped at a small bakery where I found the best pastry I’ve ever eaten! I have no idea what it was called or what it had in it ( some sort of cinnamon apple-ish something) but it was fantastic! After that we met up with the rest of the group to head back to Munich. We had trouble finding the train station, and ended up practically running to get there in time. And once we did finally get on the train, an angry German man began screaming at us, telling us we were on the wrong part of the train. So we had to quickly get off that car, and get on another, with only minutes before the train took off. We were extremely glad to finally be able to sit for a while, and were even more excited to finally return to our hotel rooms to relax.

After a little relaxation, and washing some laundry in the sink, we headed right next door to a small cafe, the Cafe Amadeus. The lady who runs the cafe was super nice, and all of the food was amazing. Some spinach tortellini filled me up, and my friends also enjoyed some home-made desserts. The best part was the quick, consistent, and free wifi offered by the cafe! We hung out there for a while, before heading back to the hotel to shower and to attempt to get some sleep.

Tomorrow is a trip to some Bavarian castles. Talk to you soon!!