This morning we slept in a little before packing up everything and storing it all in one hotel room. We ate breakfast and set out at 10:00 for the Olympic Tower. It was just a short metro ride to get where we needed to be, and a short walk after that. The morning was overcast and drizzly and just a little on the chilly side. We reached Olympic Park, which was strangely void of people at first, but slowly started to fill up. We went right to the Olympic Tower and boarded the elevator that took us straight to the top. There were beautiful, although cloudy, views from the top of the tower. We were able to climb a short flight of stairs and come out above the enclosed observation deck. It was extremely cold and windy up there however, so we didn’t stay too long.

After descending, a group of us decided to go explore around the park. The aquarium was tempting, but expensive. Several people decided to go spend some time in the BMW museum, but that didn’t sound very fun to me. Four of us broke off and decided to do some adventuring. We boarded the subway at the closest stop and rode it until we came to a stop that sounded like fun. It ended up being a very residential area, which was fun to walk around. We found several little restaurants and bakeries selling cheap and delicious food, and saw some cool houses and buildings.

We repeated boarding and getting off the subway at random for a while, trying to burn the time until our overnight train. The problem was that absolutely everything was closed, with it being Sunday and all. We ended up back at the hotel for a quick minute before heading to Marienplatz. Everything was closed there as well, so we walked around aimlessly, soaking up some culture and window shopping at some of the pricier stores in the area (Tiffany&Co, Prada, Cartier).

When our legs refused to walk any further we boarded the tram and rode it back to the hotel. We had just over an hour to burn before heading to the train station. Several of us have squished ourselves in the room with all our luggage, and the rest have occupied the lobby or the cafe next door, using all the free wifi we can get. At 7:00 we will round up everyone and everything and make the trek to the train station. We will have some more free time at the station, which we are just super excited for. I’m sure we will grab some snacks and last-minute souveneirs before boarding our overnight train.

Having done this once before, we know exactly what to do. We plan to immediately assemble the beds, get our luggage stored, and climb into our respective bunks. We hope to make the ride bearable, playing games and talking before finally quieting down in an attempt to sleep. When we wake up in the morning we will be in Rome! Wish us luck with sleeping! Talk to you soon!