Another breakfast of cereal and croissants this morning. I am so ready for eggs and bacon again. We set off from the hotel at 9:00 today and made the short walk to the metro stop nearby. It wasn’t too long to get to our first attraction of the day, the Louvre! It was impressive and extremely intimidating as we walked up, and even more so as we walked in. We only had two hours to explore which was definitely not enough. Aaron, Brandy, Michael, and I took off running, wanting to make sure we saw everything we wanted to see. On the top of the list were some paintings and sculptures that Aaron and Brandy had learned about in their art classes, the Mona Lisa of course, and the Renaissance art collection. Seeing the Mona Lisa was very cool, but the Renaissance art was my favorite. There were huge stained glass displays and beautiful tapestries as well as portraits and other artifacts. We made it through all of that, and enjoyed just casually walking around with the little time we had left. I got separated from our little group at one point but we were reunited before too long. The Louvre is definitely something I can see myself coming back to explore in the future!

After gathering everyone up, we got back on the metro to go see the Moulin Rouge. I was very excited to see it, but didn’t realize what sort of area it would be in. There were several sex shops along the street, as well as some places where you could see “live shows”. We walked quickly past those things, and made it to the Moulin Rouge, which was smaller than I had expected but still very cool. There was a surprisingly long line outside for a Sunday afternoon. We took our pictures and then broke off for lunch. All of the students ended up eating at Quick, which is basically the French version of Hardee’s. It was decent food at a decent price, and we all enjoyed the warmth. We still haven’t gotten used to these colder temps after our brief time in warmer weather.

Next we headed off to walk down the Montmatre, a famous street (I’m not sure what it’s famous for). At the end of the street is a hill, upon which the Sacre-Coeur Basilica sits. We rode in the little trolley up the hill, and spent some time exploring the beautiful gothic church. After riding back down the hill we all explored the many shops along the street. And once we had gotten our fill of those shops, Bob brought us back to the Rue de Rivoli, a street right in front of the Louve that also has several little shops. We shopped for a little longer before heading out on our next mission.

I’m sure many of you have heard about or seen pictures of the Lover’s Bridge. It’s the bridge that is covered in padlocks, which lovers right their names on, attach to the bridge, and then throw the keys into the river. A group of us girls had made the plan to come visit the bridge during our pre-trip classes and we were all very excited to find that it was just on the other side of the Louvre from where we had been shopping. We all purchased padlocks, wrote on them, and found a special spot for them on the crowded bridge before throwing the keys into the Seine. While it may be a little cheesy, we were all very excited to have done it 🙂

After all that adventuring we were extremely glad to travel back to the hotel. Caitlin and I still had groceries left over from last night’s supper, which was good since all the restaurants and grocery stores around our hotel were closed. We spent some time packing and organizing everything and are now watching a movie before we go to bed. Tomorrow we get to sleep in a little before heading off to London. Talk to you soon!