This morning featured sleeping in a little, eating breakfast, and then finishing up packing. At 11:00 we gathered in the lobby with all of our bags and made the trek to the nearby metro stop. We are all extremely done with lugging around the bags that seem to get heavier and heavier with each trip. It was just a short ride to the train station, where we had to go through customs and security. We had about an hour to wait for our train, which we spent grabbing snacks and last minute souvenirs. When the time came we boarded the train, stored our luggage and settled in. It was a very comfortable train, and it was so cool to know we were traveling under water!

Arriving in the train station we all went directly to the ATM to take out some pounds. It was a huge relief to hear people speaking English again!! We then jumped on the metro with all of our luggage (for about eight stops too many), got on another metro for one short stop, and made the short walk to our hotel. We were relieved to be able to throw our bags down in the last hotel we’ll be in. This room is easily one of the nicest we’ve stayed in. There is plenty of room for us to spread out, a huge bathroom with a huge shower and a shower curtain! I will never again take shower curtains for granted. Plus the people on TV are speaking English! The simple things that make us happy πŸ™‚

We gathered in the lobby once more and got right back onto the metro to get to the Piccadilly Circus. Gwen had told us that it was similar to Times Square and she was definitely not wrong. As soon as we walked out of the metro we saw some jumbotrons, tons of shops, and people everywhere. It was great! We were set loose, and a group of us went in search of food. We ended up at a little Irish pub where the majority of us ordered fish and chips. It was absolutely amazing, plus we got free water!! Once we finished supper we spent a couple hours walking down the street, checking out some of the more inviting stores. We started at a huge M&Ms store (four levels of fun!) and ended up at a massive souvenir shop catering to the extremely touristy, selling everything we could have ever imagined needing. After all that adventuring we were reading to come back to the hotel to shower and relax.

I absolutely love London. I know we’ve only been here for about half a day but I already know that this will be my favorite city so far. It is extremely comforting to be around people that fluently and regularly speak our language. The people here seem much nicer as well. It is way more expensive, but I’m not going to let that keep me from having fun. Tomorrow we’re going to check out a museum of some sort, then we have the rest of the day free! Several of us have made plans to return to Piccadilly Circus and then take in a show, probably Wicked. Lots of love from London! I’m a whole time zone closer to home here πŸ™‚ talk to you soon!