This morning we got a little extra sleep before grabbing breakfast and heading out to see the Tower of London. We had to ride the metro for a while before arriving at the Tower (which wasn’t actually a tower at all, but an old palace/fortress). Before walking in we were greeted by what we were hoping was the London Bridge, but found out it was actually the Tower Bridge. It was still cool though.

Once inside the Tower, a group of us decided to skip the guided tour and instead headed right towards the Crown Jewels exhibit, which was beautiful. There weren’t as many jewels as I was expecting, but the ones that were there were absolutely amazing; and included crowns, scepters, and some over the top gold silverware. We then headed to the Royal Beasts exhibit, which didn’t actually have any live animals. It did have some very interesting facts about the animals that were once kept by the royals who lived there however. We also checked out the Torture exhibit and the Bloody tower which were both very cool. After checking out some gift shops, we were ready to head off on our next adventure.

On our way out of the fortress we stopped and asked one of the guards about the massive, scary ravens hopping all around the place. He explained to us that ravens are considered royal birds and it’s said that if the ravens ever leave the Tower, both it and the kingdom will fall. There always has to be six ravens within the grounds and their wings are clipped to ensure they don’t fly away. So now you know 🙂

We next headed to Charing Cross to get some lunch and check out tickets for the Lion King tonight. We grabbed amazing sandwiches at a little place called Eat and four of us bought tickets for the show. Kayla and I had already purchased tickets for the matinee of The Phantom of the Opera for today, so we had to head to Piccadilly Circus after lunch. It was another absolutely fantastic show!! Amazing sets, costumes, and voices once again. I could definitely get used to having all these amazing shows so close.

After Phantom, Kayla and I traveled back to Piccadilly to meet up with Aaron and Cailtin. We grabbed supper at a little pub (great chicken and waiter with a cool accent) before going to the theatre to catch The Lion King. Again, amazing. This one was cool because it was so different from the first two, with the amazing puppets. After the show we got soaked on the way back to the hotel and were extremely glad to get back and change into dry clothes. Tomorrow is our last day in London, which is very bittersweet. I’ve loved my time in Europe but am so excited to be back in Iowa! Talk to you soon!