Today was our last day in London. We ate breakfast and met in the lobby at 9:30 to travel to the metro stop and begin our day. A short ride brought us to the Westminster stop, and as we emerged from the subway we saw Big Ben. It was very impressive, and after a few photos we moved on, walking to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. We didn’t get there nearly soon enough to get close at all to the palace so we had to stand quite a ways back. We didn’t get to see anything within the gates of the palace, but we did get to see the processionals leading into the gates. There were police on horses, a band, and a group of guards in each processional. Very cool.

We then walked back to where we began to visit Westminster Abbey. It was an absolutely beautiful church, and was made even more interesting by all of the famous people buried within. Some of the ones I thought were cool were Charles Dariwn, Isaac Newton, Emily Bronte, George Frederick Handel (he wrote Hallelujah Chorus!), and Charles Dickens as well as several of the past kings and queens of England. It was very cool to get to walk around and learn a little about each of their lives with our audio tours, and to see some of the beautiful art and architecture held within.

After finishing there, a group of us broke off in search of the Millennium Bridge, which was only a couple metro stops away. It was a very cool bridge and offered some amazing views of London. On the other side of the bridge was Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We walked by but didn’t want to pay to get inside. So after grabbing a small lunch (again at Eat) we walked back to the metro and came back to our hotel. We spent a little time packing and relaxing before heading to Piccadilly Circus.

Upon arriving we went straight to the pub we ate at our first night in London, to get some more of the amazing fish and chips. We met a wonderful English couple at the pub who talked to us for quite a while. They were really the first people on Europe who took a genuine interest in us and what we were doing. We really appreciated them! Our bellies happy, we went in search of souvenirs, and some red phone booth pictures. Knowing that we have to be in the lobby with all of our bags by 5:30 tomorrow morning, we were all fine with heading back to the hotel after all that adventuring. We showered, finished packing, and are now attempting to go to bed somewhat early. It’s crazy to think that this time tomorrow I will be back in Iowa! Talk to you soon!

P.S. Correction from yesterday, it was actually the London Bridge we saw! It is know as both the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge, hence the confusion 🙂